Howdy! I'm Tim! :D Tim Robinson. I'm 22 years old as of August 10, 2014. This is probably like my fourth time editing my Tumblr. Well about me: I'm bisexual and engaged to a very handsome young man, I'm black, a social butterfly, very sexual person, kind of a pervert hahaha. :)
You've taken a step in to my mind, now ask yourself if you wanna go further? ;)
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CoroCoro has leaked, and reavled some new MegaPokémon.
We already knew MegaLati@s thanks to Smeleaum, but now CoroCoro has revelead that you can fly on your Lati Twin to reach some far away island, where Legendary pokémon can be found and fought.
Also, MegaPidgeot and MegaBeedrill are revealed: they both keep their typing, but change their abilities: MegaPidgeot has No Guard and MegaBeedrill has Adaptability.