Timothy I. Robinson. (ask me what the "I." means)
Get to know me:
I'm 21 years old as of August 10, 2013.
I am bisexual. Mainly because you never know what or who is gonna come and change your life. If you'd get to know me the then you'll see personally I do lean more towards the guys though. I've had a bunch of sex, I'm a very sexual person. I've only been in two relationships. (Not a big fan of letting people in.) Had my Tumblr for 4 yrs now. I've matured.
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Announcing the second batch of WINNERS from our Tumblr Fan Art Competition!!! (post 2 of 2)

We got a group of professional artists from the studio to weigh-in and pick their top faves (http://at.nick.com/Wlj6U7).  Congratulations to the following winning participants:

pksketch (Korra)

oskibearz (SpongeBob Jellyfishing)

randomlyawake (Mikey)

saeun (Korra & Ikki)

samgrinbergcartoons (Nicktoons)

stuartday (Tiger Claw)

thenazzaro (SpongeBob Diver)

These pieces are going to be up on the screens of our Nickelodeon booth at San Diego Comic-Con for all to see! Pics of that coming soon.

Thank you to all the participants for sharing their magnificent creations with us! We loved seeing all the creative designs, styles and concepts!

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h o r n y
h  o  r  n  y
h   o   r   n   y
h    o    r    n    y
h     o     r     n     y
h      o      r      n      y
h       o       r       n       y
h        o        r        n        y
h         o         r         n         y
h          o          r          n          y
h           o           r           n           y
h            o            r            n            y
h             o             r             n             y